Ethereum Reference

A set of reference guides for blockchains of the Ethereum family.

Our first guide is the Solidity & Ethereum cheat sheet, a side-by-side reference guide for Ethereum programming languges, built to benefit smart contract developers of all levels.

The content is open source and you are welcome to suggest changes at our GitHub repository.

Which Ethereum programming language should I use?

This reference guide covers both Solidity and Vyper and they are viable choices depending on your circumstances (we like both). Solidity came earlier and is used more frequently. Its syntax most closely represents imperative languages like C++ and Javascript. Vyper is a newer programming language, which uses a simpler and more restrictive design to minimize common smart contract security pitfalls. Vyper uses Python syntax and is still officially at an experimental stage.


Solidity syntax rebuilt from Solidity reference

Vyper syntax rebuilt from Vyper reference

Inline doctests inspired by Solidity REPL

Cheat sheet inspired by Hyperpolyglot, our favorite way to learn programming languages.

Concept and implementation inspired by Moe Amaya.

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